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Your journey into the world of fashion began at a remarkably young age. Could you share with us a memorable moment from your childhood when you realised that fashion design was your true passion?

I was always into sketching from a very young age, ever since I could pick up a pencil. I used to go into my mother’s wardrobe and sketch her clothes until I eventually began to start adapting those sketches to turn them into designs of my own. I continued to evolve this passion throughout my childhood until the moment I got asked to create my first collection for a charity fashion show. 

“Josh Birch Jones” has created quite a buzz in the fashion industry, with your first collection “City Life” debuting during London Fashion Week. Can you tell us about the inspiration behind that collection and the experience of showcasing it on such a prestigious platform?

My first collection ‘City Life’ was inspired by the everyday working woman, who goes to work during the day and needs a second look for the night, which was achieved by creating an entirely reversible capsule collection, whereby jackets, trousers and skirts could be reversed to take you from day to night. Being able to showcase this collection during London Fashion Week in 2018 at the age of 11 was both amazing and daunting, as not only was I incredibly young, but the collection was also extremely conceptually ambitious, as this had never been done before for women, additionally with the idea of bringing back some glamour to not only the boardroom but also the runway. 

Your commitment to sustainability in the fashion industry is commendable. Can you elaborate on the sustainable practices you employ in your brand, from sourcing textiles to production processes, and how this aligns with your brand’s ethos?

Being a British-made brand has allowed me to maintain focus on ensuring that the garments are made with the utmost care by British artisans, as well as reducing our overall carbon footprint in production. Additionally, all collections are made available online on a pre-order basis, allowing us to make sure that we are only producing what is needed to avoid waste. Maintaining a strong focus on sustainably produced materials when possible is an additional focus of the brand, often also choosing to up-cycle fabrics from garments to turn them into couture looks that will last generationally.  All of these components allow ‘Josh’ to produce collections as a luxury womenswear label with a timelessly feminine aesthetic. 

Being the youngest-ever member of the British Fashion Council is a remarkable achievement. How has this affiliation impacted your career and the exposure of your brand on an international scale?

Being the youngest ever member of the British fashion council has allowed me to broaden my reach within the UK fashion industry, particularly in providing my brand with the ability to be part of London Fashion Week’s ‘City Wide Celebration’, a prestigious platform during Fashion week, which allows brands to open up events and shows to the public, in turn expanding international exposure for ‘Josh’. 

Your AW23 collection at London Fashion Week garnered significant attention, with Lady Amelia Spencer and Lady Eliza Spencer closing the show. Can you share some behind-the-scenes insights into the preparation and execution of that show, and how it felt to have such notable figures participating?

It had always been a dream of mine to work with Lady Amelia and Lady Eliza Spencer. I had the opportunity to work with them for my AW23 collection in February this year, as they walked the finale of my show in their catwalk debut. It was such a lovely experience working with both of them, which made the overall experience of putting together this collection so special to me, as this was my first Fashion Week show since being appointed as a member of the British Fashion Council. 

“Josh Birch Jones” is known for empowering women through wearable and glamorous collections. Could you describe the type of women you envision wearing your designs, and how do you ensure that your fashion is accessible to women of all sizes and age groups?

The ‘Josh woman is elegant and timeless and never afraid to be bold. At ‘Josh’, we believe that every woman has the right to feel her best in the clothes she wears whilst still being able to always make a statement. Selling our collections on a pre-order basis online allows ‘Josh’ to offer a broad spectrum of sizing as we delight in catering for all women of any age or size.

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