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Honda’s Step Into The Luxury Market – Honda ZR-V


Honda have always been a trustworthy manufacturer, yet have often found itself in the middle of the market. But with electrification, newer models being made and old ones being majorly updated, they have certainly stepped up their game. The Honda ZR-V is the best one yet.

The ZR-V is the latest addition to Honda’s SUV range, sitting between the larger CR-V and the slightly smaller HR-V. Just like its siblings, the ZR-V is a special hybrid…let me explain. Honda have an extremely clever system where the petrol engine acts as a generator to charge the battery, which then powers the motors for the front wheels. Whilst it may sound complicated, it is an extremely efficient powertrain, whilst not losing out on performance. Plus, the biggest bonus is you don’t have to plug in to charge.

But more importantly, how does it drive? After driving over 500 miles during my week with the ZR-V, I enjoyed every mile. There was minimal noise in the cabin, paired with comfy suspension and fabulous adaptive cruise control, you really could sit back and relax. However, if you need to put your foot down or just fancy a B-Road blast, you can have full confidence that the ZR-V will perform.

The idea of luxury in a car is about more than how it performs. You need to consider the looks, feel and experience you get both in the interior and exterior. It is safe to say the ZR-V is NOT an eyesore. There is a bold presence, especially in the Radiant Red colour option matched with the 18” matte alloys. A sleek and stylish design overall, means you are proud when you walk to the car knowing it is you who gets to drive it away.

And when you do, you’re doing it in luxury. No expense has been spared when it comes to the interior as there is everything a driver or passenger may need. The 9” Honda Connect system and the digital display works flawlessly, giving the interior a modern feel. There is even a mini car on your dash which indicates and brakes when you do. But my favourite thing has to be that Honda have kept physical buttons for the heating system rather than moving to touch.

I adored living with the Honda ZR-V, and was genuinely sad to see it leave. It is a fantastic mid-SUV option that doesn’t compromise on performance, luxury or practicality.

Becca Taylor

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