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New Year’s Horoscopes, Crystal Healing, and Affirmations.


This month urges us to delve into our personal truths and convictions. It acts as a catalyst for confronting karmic lessons and recurring emotions, prompting us to break free from cycles that no longer serve us. 

This invites us to release emotional baggage, making space for the influx of positive energies and opportunities. Embrace the magic in the air by acknowledging and resolving lingering emotional patterns. Individuals may be grappling with both positive and challenging karma, as these experiences prepare us for a beautiful transformation on the horizon.


This month you seem to be trapped in an internal prison that you can easily break free from. Currently you are choosing to see the glass half empty, not half full. You seem to be facing a little bit of disharmony when it comes to the home and work front and I see you have a fear of what’s coming next. Aquarius, you are so observant and you truly have a self-mastery within that’s just waiting to explode out of you. Your highest self is trying to give you signs to release the confines you have put yourself in. Remember to let go of the past and be sore! you are guided by the winds of spirit, and you have wisdom that inspires the people that walk amongst you to embrace who you were born to be. It’s time to create the change you have craving but not taking action towards.


Do it now.

Disharmony occurs when we try to resist life‘s natural flow. Everything has its cycles. Every stage of life has its own unique meaning, and purpose. It’s time to do it now, and not put things/change off any longer. Have courage! listen to your intuition for its a guiding voice of your soul, every day can be harmonious if we want it to be, except the healing that is trying to be shown to you through signs and synchronicities. You are eternally free, eternally fresh and eternally abundant, but you have to believe that for it to be true.

Monthly affirmation 

The best things in life aren’t things. 



Manifestation, good luck, inner healing and deflects unwanted energy


You are in protector mode. You could have just faced a rapid change in your life which you did not see coming. This has created quite a few highs and lows in the life around you. Pisces you have such a beautiful light at the end of the tunnel. When you face adversity is when your creative juices start to flow, you always find a way out of situations that others may have difficulty with. Remember what a gentle and wise protector you truly are. Your confidence and your power is admired. You help protect your loved ones at all costs but it’s now time to protect and put yourself first. Awaken to your intuition and let your spirit team guide you through this time. Remember what is down must go up and what is up must go down. It’s the way this beautiful life works.  


Divine intervention.

The best way through the current situation is to just speak your truth. Contrary to what you may think no one will be hurt, just lead with kindness and compassion. You may feel frustrated because something has stalled or come to a standstill and progress may seem painfully slow but this is just a blessing in disguise. When the timing is in perfect harmony all will come into fruition. Take a deep breath and breathe away unnecessary stresses you are currently facing, there is nothing to fear.

Monthly affirmation 

Changes are a necessary part of life and soul development.



Calms and reduces stress, helps with fear and anxiety, promotes clarity and healing.


this month I see you are highly focused on your abundance and material gain. Remember not to lead life through greed and clinging onto something that cannot be changed. You are facing quite a bit of distrusting energy when it comes to your financial path. Remember to surrender. You are destined for greatness Aries, your ambitions and tenacity will take you far, but it’s learning to have trust in yourself and relieve expectations of certain outcomes because this can really put you on the back foot. I see a change in the financial front, but I’m also hearing the word self-discipline is needed currently this month.



You are a powerful creator, your work blesses everything you touch. Stop stressing about your future because you are creating a block on your abundance instead of a sweet nectar. Your angels are forever around you to remind you of your magnificence. Remember, you are a being of eternal love and light, forever one with God and all creations. Learn to let life flow and a positive outcome will be sure.

Monthly affirmation 

Don’t be so hard on yourself.


Aqua marine 

Helps clear the mind, release suppressed emotions, trauma and balances sensitivity


I’m hearing karmic completion. Life might seem like an uphill battle currently with a lot of judgement coming your way and you may be placing moral evaluations on certain people and situations but when facing any sort of karmic completion things start to feel like they’re piling up. This is actually such a beautiful blessing because it means so many new beginnings are on its way to you. You’re about to experience a lot of fun and magic in the air. The things that have currently been removed from your life are weighing you down and you might not see the light at the end of the tunnel just yet but you’re about to be sitting on top of your hill with your castle in the background having your cake and eating it to. Get ready For the fresh start you’ve been waiting for.



A positive outcome requires positive vision. Visualise everyone involved in your present situation surrounded by light. Make sure you also include yourself. Your love has the power to influence and transform current events. Your path is now clear, obstacles have been removed and you can move forward with ease. Just have confidence in yourself, and you will achieve what your heart desires. Remember you are a joy bringer when you’re at your best. You truly bless this world with positive energy. Prepare for a miracle of happiness.

Monthly affirmation 

I surrender to the old version of myself and embrace the new.


Chocolate calcite

Used for grounding emotion,emotional stability, balance and abundance.


Emotions of obsession and desire are currently lingering around you. It’s time to break free from the shackles of things that cannot be changed. A big word I’m hearing for you this month is forgiveness, learning to release the past and understanding that things that occur throughout our life are destined for our self evolution. I’m seeing there might be a little bit of conflict when it comes to matters of the heart, but this is being governed by a higher purpose. Try to break free from the shackles of your overprocessing mind towards certain situations and tell yourself what is meant to be will always be. It’s a time to turn to family friends and not isolate yourself. 



Life is a journey. It would be very unfulfilling if each step was exactly the same as the last. life is always changing, it’s forever fresh. Allow your life to unfold gracefully and be grateful for what was, is and forever will be. Your destiny is to blossom, to shine, to transform. Stop and listen to your heart. What is it saying? Your truth lies within the empty spaces between your thoughts, your truth shines from within your soul, your truth is that which is eternal and unchanging, your truth is love for all things, good or bad as it creates internal balance.

Monthly affirmation 

Say yes to new adventures!


Blue Goldstone

Deflects unwonted energy, enhances your own positivity, Overcomes personal insecurities, creates confidence within our solar Plex.


You have many gifts, no problem can withstand the power of your mind and with patience you can reach any mountaintop and I see the mountaintop you’re trying to reach right now, are to do with matters of the heart. I see a beautiful love bubble energy lingering around you right now. You have eight love arrows heading right towards you. You have been really patient when it comes to a certain transformation you are facing in your life, but you have such a beautiful commitment on its way. There is something about your wisdom and the way you communicate this month. It’s enticing for all the people that stand around you so use it to your advantage. You are presenting very divinely guided. It’s time for you to take the reins from your spirit team and that your wing is sore.



Through the great love that holds you in its embrace, you are moment by moment transforming to ever greater light, ever greater oneness and ever greater wisdom. Angels of healing are with you right now. They ask you to feel their presence and unwavering love for you. They have loved you before the Dawn of time and will love you for all eternity. Remember you are forever guided by their light.

Monthly affirmations 

The secret ingredient is always love.



Helps with strength, stability, nurturing your hearts desires, having strength in your decisions


You’re being faced with a lot of decisions this month and questioning certain aspects of your life. You have the courage within you to let go of the past and reclaim your mastery. You will find success and contentment with those by your side, but you need to make noble choices. Remember to move forward with integrity. 

You have many roles and you can juggle them well when you have a clear perspective. It’s time for you to decide what you need to do to start moving forward in a positive direction. Many offers/proposals are coming towards you.  Use the passion that’s surrounding currently to embrace new challenges. Remember to reflect on your internal motivation when making these decisions.



No matter where you are, or what you’re doing, inner peace is always possible. All it takes is a subtle shift of awareness and peace will follow. Be flexible but also be true to yourself, stand by your beliefs and your values and others will stand by and believe in you, remember this when you feel fearful. Remember to call on your angels to help with clarity, ask them to guide and protect you, you will feel them surround you with love, support and protection.

Monthly affirmation 

I want to see what happens when I don’t give up.



Helps with optimism and trust, assists with grounding, encourages willpower, removes unwanted addictions and creates focus


You are such a bright positive energy but you’ve been a little bit too hard on yourself. This month is really about learning to nurture YOU. You have joy, abundance and true soul connections waiting to come into alignment with you but your fear of lack and loss creates blockages for the greatness trying to find you. Let worry go and be happy here and now.  Feel good about being the loving colourful you! The world needs your uniqueness and vibrancy so surrender to your past and embrace this new journey ahead. There will always be challenges that we face in life but your soul is strong. Perseverance is your secret power; you have a strength that endures. It’s time to find true balance and surrender your expectations and control to certain outcomes.



The heart of love is the heart of creation. All is  possible through love. All is worthwhile for love. It’s time for you to remove fear. Trust that all is well. Except the love from the people that surround you currently. Call on your spirit team in those times you’re feeling fear and doubt and watch those feelings dissolve away. 

A miracle is waiting to find you and it’s being governed by a higher power. It’s time to let your walls down. The forces of love are at work and all turn out well just remember to be mindful of not only others feelings, but your own. Someone needs your love right now and a loving thought is all it takes. Remember to be kind to yourself and others this month.

Monthly affirmation 

I am the creator of my story and I choose to be happy!



Harnesses masculine energy, helps with productivity and motivation, abundance, prosperity, creativity and grounding.

Tigers eye

Creates strength in personal power to make decisions, resilience in overwhelming situations, taking action, courage, and protection.


Be gentle with yourself. Try to see the light in all situations. It’s time to start acknowledging your self-worth and your grace. You can reinvent yourself at any moment. Be open to the rewards of change, you have brilliance to share with the people around you. Inner conflict can sometimes blind us and trap us in an internal prison that we shouldn’t be in. Just remember you are in control of your life and you can choose to be free by trusting your intuition and leading with strength when making decisions. Try not to be overwhelmed with the emotion you’re facing now. I am also hearing that your spending habits might need to be rained a little this month. Remember to have financial discipline.


surrender your concerns and worries. Learn to be present and not be afraid to show true vulnerability. Your voice needs to be heard and clear, transparent communication is an important tool for the connection that surrounds you. Now close your eyes and focus on your breath and ask your angels to release emotion that is no longer serving you, feel inner peace wash over you. Beyond your thoughts lies your eternal truth. Remember to be present and not to overthink decisions that need to be made. 

Monthly affirmation 

It’s time to show the world the real me!



It promotes higher consciousness, clears confusion and mental clutter, balances relationships and opens up awareness. Excellent for meditation, brings spiritual and physical balance into our lives.


You are inspiring change to the people around you. You’re really coming off with clear boundaries this month, very strong minded! and working through direct communication with your deep intelligence. You have a little bit of a quirkiness in your energy as well which is coming off very endearing. You have a beautiful glow around you! I’m also seeing you might have some opportunities on the work front especially involving travel. This may place you at a crossroads. You might need to leave behind a certain situation to embrace this new change. Stay open minded, you may need to put those problem-solving abilities to good use. 

Remember determination and perseverance are something you thrive in! You have what it takes, you can make anything happen when you’re focused.


Creative potential 

Know that challenges make you stronger, have faith when you face adversity. Embrace this transformation and remember to let go of the past, remember you’re brilliant and also blessed. There is no point pushing the Barrow up such a steep hill. Sometimes we need to go back to the start. Surrender your expectations. There is an easier way. When the time is right, your true path will appear. Relax and trust.

Monthly affirmation 

I embrace life’s challenges.



Wholeness, truth, communication, serenity and peace, soothes the throat physically and energetically to allow for easy expression, restores depleted vitality


You’re really starting to stand up for yourself this month. You have had a lot of soul determination through certain challenges that you were facing. Now you have a lot of happiness and wishes starting to come true! Life could seem like it’s just dramatically changed for the better and it’s putting you into deep thought. You may be questioning if things are good to be true but this is a reward from all your dedicated effort and perseverance. Rise above earthly matters and glide into your future with grace. You’re finally able to see the right path! So stand tall and in your self-worth and share that big heart with the world. Step confidently towards your purpose. Your patience is finally bringing you some beautiful rewards.



Make gratitude for your new attitude! The stars are finally shining bright upon you and your world is becoming lighter. Explore all the possibilities. There are many more than you can currently imagine! instead of seeing things in either black or white try and explore the colour in between. Trust that you are deserving of what’s unfolding and stop thinking the worst is about to happen. Remember the power of projection. It’s time to start seeing the glass half full! No need to see it half empty anymore.

Monthly affirmation 

Celebrate every tiny victory!


Dragons blood 

Inner knowing, trusting the wisdom of your heart, physical manifestations, mindfulness, clear thinking and protection.

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