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John Partridge From Master Chef Champion to EastEnders Star: How Beating Addiction and Cancer Transformed My Life!

John Partridge: From MasterChef to EastEnders Star
Mind Jumps: Voted Top 7 Best UK Villages to Live In
Royal Scare: Princess Anne Rushed to Hospital After Accident
Interview with NYC Celebrity Top Photographer Antoine Verglas
Leigh Francis: From Sleeping on Floors to Shooting for the Stars!

The Mind Jump Podcast:
Stories of Resilience and Triumph

Join us on a transformative journey with Mind Jump Magazine and Podcast, where we celebrate the power of overcoming adversity and embracing new beginnings. Our unique duo-podcast and magazine experience offers a dynamic space for deep, inspirational stories from global celebrities and everyday heroes alike.

They share their struggles with homelessness, abuse, and financial crises, and reveal how they emerged stronger and more successful. Join our founder, Lisa, and our guests as they offer insights and hope, proving that with determination and support, anyone can overcome life’s toughest challenges. Tune in to be inspired, learn, and grow, as you too jump into a new chapter of your life.

Welcome To

Mind Jump Magazine and Podcast!

Welcome to Mind Jump Magazine and Podcast!

Expanding your Mind, embracing new ideas, and Jumping into the new you.

You might wonder why we chose the name “Mind Jump” for our magazine. Well, it’s because we recognize that at times, we all experience moments when our minds feel burdened with worry, fear, anxiety, and sadness. Our aim with “Mind Jump” is to offer a way out of this mental state by sharing stories of real people overcoming challenges. Through these stories, our intention is to provide hope, inspiration, and practical tools to empower individuals to believe in their ability to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.

We are a one-of-a-kind; a  duo-podcast and magazine. They compliment each other. And together create a unique powerhouse. Focused on overcoming adversity in life.

Lisa, the founder, has been through many traumatic experiences in her life: losing her home, abuse, and financial woes. But she’s learnt. Forgiven. Grown. Moved on. And succeeded!

Global celebrities share their experiences of homelessness, substance abuse, financial hardship, sexual and emotional abuse. How they found the strength to overcome. And have emerged wiser, often achieving greater success in their lives.

Our podcasts explore, in detail, how the celebrities we talk with, have overcome the adversities they faced, giving us hope, and inspiration to others.

A dynamic space where accomplished individuals reveal their remarkable life stories.

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John Partridge From Master Chef Champion to EastEnders Star: How Beating Addiction and Cancer Transformed My Life!

Leigh Francis aka Keith Lemon: From Sleeping on Floors to Stardom

From Chernobyl to Catwalks: My Journey from Loss to Stardom

One of the world’s leading business coaches.

Rising from Adversity to Become a Billion-Dollar Powerhouse

The extraordinary life of Frank Bruno was like ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.’ I had helicopters, police, press, and cameras on my doorstep. It was scary. I had 45 fights, and every time I was thinking, ‘What am I doing here?’

“Exclusive: CEO Vishen Lakhiani Unveils Mindvalley’ – The Festive Excitement Continues! Get Ready for Insights and Surprises!”

Welcome to our autumn edition featuring Elton Ilirjani! Immerse yourself in the abundance of the season. Enjoy!

Join us for London Fashion Week’s star-studded lineup: Jimmy Choo, Julia Hart, Malan Breton, Elton Ilirjani, and James Corden’s boyband debut!

Don’t Miss This Month’s Mind Jump, Catching Up with the Infamous ‘Jaws’ Shark from the 1975 Film, as We Journey from Hilfiger Beverly Hills Glamour to Sicilian Splendor.”

“P.Diddy to J.Lo: The Real Housewives of New York’s Heather Thomson Dishes on Beyond Fresh and a Face-Off – Barbie vs. Oppenheimer!”

Polly takes us behind the scenes of hit Netflix show selling the OC.

Mind Jump Monthly: Stepping into the Shark Tank with Daymond John

Mind Jump Monthly: Long Live The King – Coronation Edition

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