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“I ditched deodorant for a week and tried an alternative; never smelled better and sweated less.”


I’m someone who thoroughly enjoys exploring and researching different natural alternatives for products.

I have a strong aversion to using chemicals on my body, especially considering that cancer runs in my family, particularly breast cancer.

While I don’t believe deodorants are directly linked to the disease, I find it concerning that they are applied near the breast area.

This led me to embark on a journey of trying out various alternatives, from juices to ditching deodorants altogether. Of course,

I chose the hottest time of the year to experiment!

I started with water sprays that smelled nice but still contained some chemicals, so they weren’t ideal.

Then, I decided to explore options that originate from the ground or grow naturally.

First, I tried using rose petals, which had a pleasant scent but didn’t work effectively.

Next, I attempted to use different leaves, but that also proved ineffective.

Finally, I turned to a lemon, and I make it a daily routine to squeeze a bit of lemon into my water to flush out toxins and purify my blood.

It struck me that if lemon could be beneficial internally, perhaps it would be suitable for my armpits as well.

I gave it a shot, and although it was a little messy and required around a minute to dry, it actually worked. I tested this method during the scorching heat of summer. Yes, I still perspired a little, but unlike when using deodorants that would eventually result in both sweat and body odour after a few hours, the lemon proved different. I did sweat slightly, but there was no unpleasant smell.

I’ve been testing this approach for six month’s now, and guess what? It genuinely works. It won’t stop the sweating because that’s a natural bodily process, but it effectively eliminates any unpleasant odour. This discovery has left me thrilled, and I believe incorporating lemons into your routine may be a promising way to care for your underarms.

So, why not give lemons a try? It could be a step forward in embracing a more natural approach to personal hygiene.

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