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This month Ben Ofoedu & Kule T our music experts talk to Amie True, Luxury Wedding and Event Harpist …


Harp playing is often associated with elegance and classical music. Can you tell us about your journey into becoming a harpist and what drew you to this instrument in the first place?

From a young age, I have always been captivated by the magical charm of music and the powerful influence it has over our lives. I began my journey as a musician from a young age, studying piano and classical singing. I first discovered the heavenly aura of the harp after attending a recital performed by Alexander Boldachev, and was mesmerised by its ethereal and elegant sound. I have passionately pursued my love for the instrument ever since,launching my luxury brand Amie True Music and playing at the world’s most exclusive weddings and celebrations ever since.

The harp has a rich history and is featured in a wide range of musical genres. How do you explore and incorporate different styles into your harp performances?

As a harpist, blending classical elegance with popular music in my own bespoke arrangements is a true pleasure. The harmonious fusion intertwining the delicacy of the harp with popular melodies, incorporating genres of hip-hop, commercial and film music, is a creative endeavour that constantly reminds me of music’s boundless innovation.

Harpists often perform solo, but they can also collaborate with other musicians. Can you share your favourite collaboration or musical project that stands out in your career?

I have participated in many musical projects, and I especially love to harmonise my music with haute couture and designer brands. In the recent London Fashion Week, I had the honour of opening the show for the luxury fashion house Vanity Hub Africa, walking the catwalk and wearing haute couture by luxury African fashion designer Adebayo Jones. My music also graced the launch of the Wallace Chan ‘The Wheel of Time’ Jewellery Exhibition at the world famous Christie’s auction house.
Opening the Jeff Garner Prophetik show in the prestigious Burlington Arcade, where I had the pleasure of wearing a haute couture dress whilst performing my music, will be a memory I treasure forever.

Harpists often deal with the challenge of transporting their instruments. Could you share any interesting or amusing anecdotes related to traveling with your harp for performances?

I remember the first time I was travelling to my first ever harp gig after the first week of creating and sharing videos on my social media. I didn’t yet have a vehicle large enough for the harp, so I transported it using my family’s open roof top Land Rover Defender!

As a harpist, you’ve likely played in various venues. Is there a particular location or setting where you find the harp’s sound to be especially magical or captivating?

I have recently become the resident Harpist of the world-renowned St Pancras Renaissance hotel in London. The Gothic architecture in the hotel creates a magnificent, magical, heavenly acoustic for my harp music which resonates beautifully in the space.

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