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Meghan Markle News: Markles Beige Nails Break Royal Tradition!


Meghan Markle’s bold fashion and unique beige nails dominate Meghan Markle News, sparking debates over royal fashion norms.

Last week, Meghan Markle made a public appearance in Jamaica where she made a fashion choice that diverged from a strict royal tradition once adhered to by the late Queen Elizabeth reported by The Express.

Meghan Markle News:

Meghan Markle’s daring fashion statement and her distinctive beige nails have been the talk of the town in Meghan Markle news. Her choice to diverge from the traditional royal protocol not only sparked discussions about her individuality but also ignited debates about the evolution of royal fashion norms. While some may view her style as a refreshing departure, others may see it as a bold statement of her unique identity within the royal family. Regardless of one’s perspective, Meghan Markle continues to capture the headlines in Meghan Markle news, setting trends and making a lasting impression with her fashion choices.

During her visit, the Duchess of Sussex looked absolutely stunning in an all-black outfit, with a standout maxi balloon skirt. While she kept the rest of her accessories, hair, and makeup quite minimal, she opted for a unique manicure style that deviated from the typical royal protocol.

Meghan Markle Beige Nails:

Megan Markle Nail Polish Megan Markle News

Traditionally, royal etiquette dictated that female members of the royal family maintain a natural appearance, extending to their nails. It was well-known that both the late Queen Elizabeth and Kate, the Princess of Wales, favored a specific nail polish called Essie’s Ballet Slippers – a delicate, glossy, baby pink shade. Moreover, they typically maintained a squoval or soft square nail shape.

Megan Markles nails should look like this as British Royal Family nails manicure need to look like this

Surprisingly, Meghan Markle chose a different path, breaking away from this long-standing tradition. Instead of the soft pink shade, she went for a short and French manicure style, featuring a beige base with white tips on square-shaped nails. This particular style, popular in the 2000s, remains a favorite among many women.

Meghan’s choice of manicure not only showcased her personal style but also signaled a departure from the conventional royal aesthetics, a move that may have raised eyebrows among royal observers.

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