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Expert Warns: Kim, 43, and Odell Beckham – Disaster!


Kim Kardashian, 43, Odell Beckham Jr., 31, seen together, sparking romance rumors. With Kim’s net worth at $1.7 billion, what lies ahead for this power couple?

KIm Kadashian dating history and dating disaster with Odell Beckham

Kim Kardashian aged 43 and rumored new beau, Odell Beckham Jr., reported in The Mirror were recently seen together for the first time since allegedly agreeing to an exclusive relationship. The sighting took place at Kim’s opulent hotel in Las Vegas just before the Super Bowl. Kim made a bold fashion statement with a revealing brown top, flared trousers, and a cowboy hat, while Odell opted for a black and white jacket and matching trousers. Despite reports of their exclusive dating status, they’re keeping things discreet, likely due to their past relationships. Kim, who recently split from Kanye West, aims to steer clear of drama, especially after the public scrutiny surrounding her previous romance with Pete Davidson. Odell, who shares a child with ex Lauren Woods, was previously linked to Khloe Kardashian in 2016, although Khloe dismissed it as mere flirting.

Odell Beckham Jr.’s romantic history is quite varied. His most notable relationship was with model Lauren Wood, with whom he shares a child. Wood, a well-known Instagram personality and actress, was linked to Beckham around 2019, and they welcomed their son Zydn in February 2022. Despite being spotted together at events like the ESPY Awards, their relationship status became uncertain by early 2023, with reports suggesting a split, though details remain vague.

Before Lauren, Beckham dated Greek model Polyxeni Ferfeli briefly, with their relationship ending around 2018. There were also rumors circulating about Beckham’s involvement with model and actress Amber Rose from 2015 to 2017, although both parties denied these claims.

Speculations also arose about Beckham’s connection with Bella Hadid, particularly after he flirted with her online in 2018, but nothing substantial materialized. Similarly, he was seen spending time with Zendaya in 2016, sparking dating rumors, but Zendaya clarified they were just friends.

Overall, Beckham’s romantic life has garnered significant public interest and speculation, with various rumors swirling about his relationships with notable figures in the entertainment industry

Kim Kardashian Dating:

Despite the romance buzz, a relationship and matchmaking expert Lisa Holley Palmer weighs in, suggesting Kim and Odell may not be a great match. Odell’s ambitious and independent nature, coupled with occasional stubbornness, contrasts with Kim’s practical and logical demeanor. Additionally, Kim is impatient and really needs someone who is calm and patient. Such differences could pose challenges, making this pairing less suitable. The expert concludes that matchmaking Kim with Odell wouldn’t likely lead to a blissful long-term relationship.

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