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3 Tips for that FLAWLESS LOOK


From bridal looks to high profile events, Sabrina Nicholson, celebrity makeup artist has been in the beauty industry and creating looks for over 7 years. With a keen eye and passion for beauty, she has worked within the film industry as well as fashion shows and red-carpet events. With works featured on TV and publications, her makeup artistry is highly sought after by clients both in the UK and internationally.


This is two tips in one, I always recommend an SPF as part of your skincare routine prior to make up, one exception to that rule is when you’re on camera, when doing editorial makeup or when you know you’re going to be in front of a camera/flash photography, you should always leave SPF out as it can cause flashback and potentially ruin a flawless look.

Skin Care Routine

Finding out your skin type and using the correct products to nourish and keep your skin healthy is so important. Having a good routine can reduce common skin concerns whilst maintaining that fabulous glow.

Blend Blend Blend

I pride myself on creating seamless looks, when blending correctly you shouldn’t be able to tell where the makeup starts or finishes. Make sure to use the right tools and always finish with a setting spray. I recommend Urban Decay All Nighter.

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