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DO you think I’m 60?


Age is TRULY just a number! with Tim Griswold.

Tim Griswold is 65 years old, nearly 66. American. He has lived in London over 25 years now, it’s home. Professionally, he has held very senior, global positions for over 25 years, managing over 2,000 people at its highest. He has modelled since his 40’s, which has increased greatly in the last 5 years, focusing on fitness and fashion. He has also modelled with his partner Shaheen, of 25 years, for several major campaigns focusing on Inclusion and Diversity. More recently he has added acting to his career, primarily due to the American accent and overall look.

Embarking on a Modelling Journey: Tim is a certified PT and has been teaching spinning for over 25 years now. His entry into modelling started when a fairly famous photographer, who attended his classes, asked him to model for him. He specialised in black and white photographs of women, naked but very tastefully done. Tim agreed, and the pictures were bought by a gallery in NYC.

What Inspired Your Entrance into the World of Fashion? I started in fashion through several contacts at Attitude Magazine. My journey picked off from there. I am currently signed with 4 different agencies, fortunately the demand for older, fit, gay men has increased greatly.

The Fashion Industry as a Gay Man: Insights from a Model’s Perspective? I have always been very open about being gay, in all aspects of my career. It has opened doors, especially more recently as clients want to show more diversification. I only accept campaigns that present a very positive image of being gay and/or send a strong message.

Your Wardrobe Essential You Can’t Live Without? A crisp, slim fit, white shirt, neatly pressed, which shows off the silver hair and beard. (A swimsuit has also been important, as many of the campaigns promote travel and holidays.)

What’s the Secret to Staying Energised: Balancing Six Spin Classes and a Busy Life? BALANCE. Focus on what makes you happy, and accept the reality of natural aging, and always have a positive image of yourself.

The Unbelievable Moments That Define Your Modelling Career? Two come to mind, the amazing Inclusion and Diversity campaign I did for Celebrity Cruises, with Shaheen, and another with Pfizer. The future, I have successfully landed a leading role for a 9-episode series, produced by Secret Vision, airing in 2024. Called MEDICAL WARFARE. Literally can’t wait. My character is completely different from me, not always a nice guy. It should hopefully lead to more modelling and acting opportunities. Time will tell.

Are Your Friends Seeking Your Expertise for Fashion Advice?
I have actually introduced several friends, primarily in the fitness
industry, and guided them on the ups and downs. You need to be able to handle rejection, usually with little feedback. Overall, my friends have always been very supportive, I am a lucky man.

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