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Frank Bruno: Mental Health Triumph


Frank Bruno’s news, health, and net worth are in focus as he talks about mental health triumphs, involuntary hospitalizations, and advocacy in a recent interview.

Frank Bruno Mental health 
Frank Bruno in the boxing ring
Frank bruno news

Frank Bruno News:

Celebrated British boxing legend Frank Bruno’s remarkable career in the ring is well-known, yet his most formidable opponent emerged outside the boxing arena – an unyielding battle with depression leading to involuntary hospitalization. In a candid interview with Lisa Holley Palmer, Bruno bravely shared his compelling story, revealing a side of his life beyond the realm of sports.

The former heavyweight champion faced involuntary hospitalization in 2003, triggered by the collapse of his marriage and a subsequent diagnosis of bipolar disorder. Confronting a harsh reality during a five-week section in 2012, Bruno encountered violent inmates within the psychiatric facility.

Recalling the experience, Bruno expressed, “The guys are so high because of the drugs they give them, and that’s what it was like in many places I went. I had people coming up to me wanting to stab me.”

Reflecting on the challenging circumstances, Bruno highlighted the prevalence of drug-induced highs among patients, describing encounters where hostile intentions and fears of being stabbed were part of his daily reality. He emphasized the necessity of caution, as some patients exhibited aggressive behavior, including attempts to harm his eyes due to medication-induced altered states.

FRank bruno training
Frank bruno mental health
Frank Bruno boxing
Frank Bruno news

Despite adversity, Bruno recognized the positive impact of his involuntary hospitalizations, leading him to advocate for improved mental health treatment. In 2013, he established the Frank Bruno Foundation to support those grappling with mental health issues.

Frank Bruno Mental Health

Bruno continues his mental health journey with a disciplined approach, incorporating medication and a rigorous training routine of three sessions per day. Despite ongoing challenges, he remains committed to his daily medication regimen, acknowledging its potency and the difficulty it presents. Undeterred, he stressed the necessity of doing what is required to manage his mental health effectively.

“I train twice and sometimes three times a day, and it’s good for your mind as well. If you look after yourself, you feel much better. I meditate a lot as well. I’m privileged because I did well out of boxing, and I don’t moan too much, except about those peculiar places they send you to with the tablets and injections,” Bruno shared.

For the full video story and an in-depth conversation with Frank Bruno, click on the video below:

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