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L’esprit de l’escalier is the French term for that feeling when you think of the perfect thing to say…only it’s too late.

We’ve probably all experienced that familiar sensation of finding the right words long after the opportunity has passed. However, Hunter Prosper is offering a second chance to speak in a twist on the Man on the Street format.

With his “Notes from a Stranger” series, he asks people walking by to write down something they wish they had said, drop the notes in a fishbowl, and then he reads the replies later.

Simple. Direct. Powerful.


The Breakdown
Expertly tailored storytelling: each note is beautifully curated for memorable impact

High stakes: Hunter chooses stories that have high implications for the stranger as a result of their tragic mistakes

Poetry & contrast: the stories paint the juxtaposition between the before and after of a certain event, and Hunter narrates them with a strong punchline that causes viewers to choke up

Human emotion: by giving strangers space to write down their own stories, Hunter is able to capture genuine and real emotions of fear, loss, reject, and regret

Main Takeaway
Earnest sincerity goes a long way. In a social media landscape choked with snark and cynicism, content that cleverly explores the whole scope of what it means to be human can be powerful.

With your own content, can you look for ways to shift the spotlight onto others?
When you give people space to express themselves, the results are nothing short of remarkable.

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