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Electrifying Europe with the Tesla Model 3:  


Electric cars still have a lot of stigma, let alone taking one on a road trip. But what better  place to start than with the Tesla Model 3 Long Range and a 600 mile journey from  Leicester, England to Worms, Germany.  

With a predicted range of 374 miles, we certainly weren’t going to make it on one charge.  Thankfully, the Tesla Supercharger network is extensive across Europe and the car’s  intelligent sat nav did all the hard work for us. It adapted to any changes in the range due  to driving style, traffic and the battery preparation, then adjusted the directions to the best  Supercharger. 

The UK side of the journey was painless, with more than enough range to get us to the  Eurotunnel. There were seven out of eight chargers available, so we simply just plugged in  and went to grab some food. We then set off from Calais with 89%, yet the higher speed  limits of France and Belgium, paired with empty 1am roads, meant that lasted shy of 200  miles. Arriving at our next charger with only 4% remaining, we deserved a nap. After 30  minutes, we set off for our final stage of the journey, with 165 miles remaining and a  comfortable 275 miles of range. One final stop for breakfast (and a top up charge) just  outside of Worms, Germany, we made it in one piece. 

The Tesla itself was extremely easy and relaxing to drive. The Autopilot system worked  flawlessly, apart from when the flies on the windscreen blocked the camera, causing us to  make the decision between windscreen wipers on, or no cruise control. We chose neither  and stopped to clean the camera. There was more than enough technology to keep us  entertained, including Netflix, Karaoke and some very addictive games (which you can  only use in park). During my passenger princess shifts, I slept like a baby thanks to the  comfortable seats and spacious leg room. On the other hand, whilst driving, I had no  cramp due to autopilot taking the lead. 

The Tesla Model 3 will always be seen as the pinnacle of electric motoring by some and  completely negative by others. We only spent one and a half hours charging out of a  fourteen hour journey, and we did it all in style. So all I can say is, I wouldn’t want to drive  across Europe in anything else. 

Becca Taylor.

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