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An Exclusive Interview with Heather Thomson Real Housewives of New York.


Heather Thomson, best known for her appearance on “The Real Housewives,” has taken her life’s journey to incredible heights without compromising her true self. In this exclusive interview, she shares her transformational experiences, from being a fashion designer and entrepreneur to becoming a beacon of wellness and empowerment.

Q: How has life changed for you since “The Real Housewives”?

Heather: It has changed a lot! The kids are teenagers, nothing stays the same. After stepping down from RHONY, I pivoted, and I also stepped down from my namesake fashion label. I dove headfirst into the world of wellness, stemming from my interest in food, in pursuit of balancing health concerns we faced with Jax. (our son).

I continued my education in nutrition, (this was during season 7 filming, but they didn’t cover it). And, I launched Heather Thomson Retreats & Adventure Travel, (, organizing expeditions to peaks like Kilimanjaro, Patagonia and the Himalayas of Nepal. I also launched my Freedom Retreat series, empowering people to create their own paths, listen to their bodies and focus on their true selves.

Beyond Fresh, is my superfood supplements brand ( and since, I’ve also entered the world of podcasting, co-producing and hosting my podcast, in MY heart. It’s a busy and fully engaged life, filled with discovery and nature.

I try every day to practice gratitude and patience and grace, and I try to be kinder to myself than I used to be.

Q: Balancing your true self with the dynamics of “The Real Housewives” must have been challenging. How did you manage to stay authentic throughout the experience?

Heather: Staying true to oneself is important. I’ve always shown my reality and advocated for causes, after housewives, my platform got bigger and I take that reach very seriously now, with the fast pace of tech social media has also certainly changed since my first introduction to it opening my first social media account as @iamheathert, in tandem with being introduced as a new cast member on Season 5. Staying true to myself was always crucial for me during the show. I never changed who I was to fit a role. I recognized that the platform was an opportunity to do good and bring attention to important causes. I am conscientious to use my influence responsibly.

Q: Being in the public eye can be both rewarding and challenging. How do you handle the positive and negative feedback from viewers and the media?

Heather: As a public figure, or an influencer and you have to expect both love and hate. It’s essential not to take things personally and instead focus on using the platform for open and honest conversations. While dealing with trolls can be difficult, sometimes good comes with it, and you must block out any toxicity. It is all about embracing your authenticity and making the most of the opportunities that come your way. It can never be about the opportunity taking, or making you, but rather about you, taking and making the opportunity

Q: Your podcast “In MY Heart” sounds fascinating! What inspired you to create it, and what stories do you share with your audience?

“In MY heart” was born from my desire to share inspiring stories from people who have influenced, and touched my life, and who inspire me. We all need connections with others, I wanted to create a community where I could share these people, their perspectives, and personal stories we can listen to and learn from, laugh out loud too, and grow together.

Q: Your work with iconic figures like P. Diddy, J. Lo and Beyonce, must have been remarkable. Could you share a remarkable or memorable moment from your time collaborating with them?

Working with these triple-threat talents through some 10 years of my career as a Creative Director was an incredible privilege. Too many moments. All three. The experiences were filled with passion and hard work. The journeys were often intense, but taught me invaluable life lessons, and helped me forge deep connections, all hugely impactful on who I am today. These years are a stock full of memories.

With Puff we were creating a revolution, Jennifer Lopez. Beyonce? They were whole moods! Extraordinary symbolism for women and culture, but the gift that keeps giving are my deep connections and my friendships with the matriarchs. Janice Combs (Sean Combs’s Mum), and Tina Knowles Lawson (Beyonce’s mum), both, boss mother figures, and best friends to me, through the years, bestowing so much wisdom and caring. Both were at my side when difficulties with the birth of our son Jax arose and I learned of the difficulties of their lives and their stories. For Tina’s mother and her family, for example, acquiring birth certificates for her children was a struggle, if they could even get them, many of Beyoncé’s family members couldn’t fight it when they had their names misspelt on their birth certificates. Such misspellings were not uncommon, as the bureaucratic system often disregarded the significance of names for individuals from marginalized communities. So, Beyonce’ as we know her, is the name. Grand! Extraordinary!

In both prominence and excellence! But, first, it is a name that comes from the struggle. Janice Combs was a widow and single mother of two. We need the full stories of resilience and determination that paved the way to transcend barriers and achieve greatness. These experiences, and these women, continue to teach me that our stories reflect powerful journeys of self-discovery and reinvention in life and love.

Q: Your involvement in the fashion industry must have led to some unique and eccentric style requests. Can you recall the most unusual or memorable one and how you handled it

One that stands out was when I was styling a guest for a dating segment, I did with Steve Harvey on his show, (The Steve Harvey Show) I put her in a Harve Leger bandage dress, that she couldn’t breathe in! It didn’t quite work out as intended, however, the mishap made for a lot of laughs and now when I ask people, if they’re comfortable in their clothes, I mean it two ways!

Q: Throughout your journey, you’ve faced challenges and triumphs. Can you share a defining moment that shaped who you are today?

It’s all of them! The birth of my first child, and then my second. Building multi-million dollar business, or first house, lawsuits, over my business or my authored U.S. patents, that along with the paper they are written on come only, with the right to defend them, by enforcing them in a court of law. The scary and challenging experiences in our lives really can shape us.

They can make us, or they can break us. That is a true reality. Life can define you or you can decide what defines you. What I’ve learned is, if we can get through the suffering, and start to find acceptance, we can begin to tolerate the things we wish we didn’t have to, the actions of others, the unfairness of others, of life, law, and circumstances. My hardest challenges still have the capability of bringing me to my knees, in the capacity of suffering or of loss, but on the other side, there are deep lessons in self-reflection and self-regeneration that have taught me invaluable lessons. I truly believe that I could never have brought myself to the highest peaks of happiness and joy without the profound battle wounds, the reminders of resilience, and victory and vulnerability, that I wear. I don’t regret any part of my life; its lessons continue to bring me closer to myself, while I strive to be more peaceful and wiser and more joyful and grateful, I become more fortified for others.

Q: You’ve transitioned from a successful career in fashion and fierceness to focusing on wellness and empowerment. Can you tell us more about your retreats and how they’ve impacted people’s lives?

My Freedom retreats bring like-minded people together, fostering a sense of community without judgment, in beautiful and enriching environments, we encourage focusing on self, serving mind, body, and soul. With Pure Freedom, Fresh Freedom, and Dirty Freedom retreats coming up in Birmingham Alabama, (this October), Hilton Head, South Carolina, (this November), and The Scottish Highlands (in May 2024) we are going fast and looking forward! After the pandemic, we started back up with retreats as soon as we could and they’ve been transformative for the participants, and for me. Coming out of the pandemic, there was a lot to sort out. We cleanse, we embrace nature, we challenge ourselves, we celebrate together and we adventure. I create spaces to discover freedom, and the power of overall well-being, through self-discovery. It’s amazing and transformative when you can see, it’s all in you.

Heather Thomson’s journey is one of empowerment, authenticity, and resilience. From her remarkable experiences in the fashion industry to her dedication to wellness, she continues to inspire others to embrace their true selves and find their paths in life. Her story reminds us that by listening to our bodies and following our truths, we can choose joy and happiness in any circumstance.

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