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Open Poem to Sadiq Khan: London’s Plea for Change! Will He Listen?


In London’s heart, where I was born and raised,
A special bond forever etched, a love unfazed.
The red phone boxes, buses, and black cabs,
A joyous symphony amidst city’s lively dance.

By night, the streets would come alive,
Laughter echoing, a vibrant hive.
From bars to clubs, to late-night dives,
Stringfellows’ allure, where excitement thrives.

Missed trains mattered not, for the city never sleeps,
Cafés open, smiles abound, in London’s keeps.
Monday or Saturday, Sunday’s gentle hum,
London, the beating heart, where dreams succumb.

Proud I’ve been, of this city fair,
Safe, clean, with boundless flair.
A place to live, to visit, to adore,
Until darkness swept upon our shore.

In recent times, a shift, a fear,
London’s essence, not quite clear.
Thugs and protests, faces hidden,
This is not the London we were smitten.

Healthful protests, we welcome with glee,
But this chaos, it’s not what should be.
Let’s reclaim our London, vibrant and bright,
Where differences unite, under freedom’s light.

Sadiq Khan, heed this call,
For change must come, or we’ll all fall.
Let our children and theirs, remember with grace,
London’s embrace, its cosmopolitan space.

Not a land of shouting hooded faces,
But a sanctuary of diverse races.
Let’s strive together, for peace to reign,
And restore London’s glory, free from stain.

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