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TikTok user alleges that Rishi Sunak participates in a fitness session inspired by Taylor Swift in Los Angeles.


A gym enthusiast has shared her astonishment after claiming that Rishi Sunak unexpectedly attended a SoulCycle class last Friday, as reported on Sky News

While the prime minister is currently enjoying a holiday in California, marking his first family trip in several years, he has been photographed at Santa Monica Pier and even visited Disneyland. Reportedly, he managed to squeeze in a group exercise session in LA as well.

Hannah Harmelin took to TikTok to recount her experience, revealing that the prime minister joined her 7am SoulCycle class in Santa Monica. She said, “I think I just had the biggest heart attack of my life.”

The studio was abuzz with Secret Service personnel both inside and outside, and security was heightened. She initially speculated that it might be Taylor Swift herself attending the class due to her ongoing performances in LA, but the truth was even more surprising.

During the class, security guards maintained a serious presence, standing in corners and keeping a watchful eye. The atmosphere was notably private, with the lights remaining off throughout.

Hannah shared her disbelief, mentioning how celebrities like Justin Bieber, Beyoncé, and Jay-Z have made appearances in similar classes. The unexpected guest was finally revealed at the end of the session – none other than the UK’s prime minister. “Turns out it was the prime minister of the UK – apparently he’s a Swifty,” she exclaimed.

This unconventional SoulCycle encounter adds a unique twist to Rishi Sunak’s holiday activities. Despite speculations about his presence at Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, Downing Street remains tight-lipped, refraining from commenting on every aspect of the prime minister’s vacation.

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