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Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied Part Ways Following His Affair.


Natalie Portman and her spouse, Benjamin Millepied, have decided to separate following 11 years of marriage, according to confirmation from Us Weekly.

An insider, who provided exclusive information to Us, revealed that the couple has been grappling with difficulties in their relationship after news of an affair involving Millepied surfaced. Despite their efforts to mend their marriage, they currently find themselves in a state of separation.

The estranged pair, parents to a son named Aleph, aged 12, and a daughter named Amalia, aged 6, raised speculation about their relationship status on their 11th wedding anniversary on August 4. During an Angel City FC event in Sydney, Australia, Natalie Portman was spotted without her wedding ring.

Earlier in June, rumours circulated that Benjamin Millepied was involved in an affair with Camille Étienne, a 25-year-old climate activist. At that time, an insider disclosed to Us that Natalie Portman was committed to preserving her marriage, despite the alleged infidelity.

According to an exclusive source, Natalie Portman regards her husband’s affair as a momentary and thoughtless indiscretion with no real significance to him. The rumours left her feeling embarrassed. Despite this, she was willing to explore the possibility of rebuilding trust in Benjamin Millepied, all in an effort to provide a stable family environment for their children.

A second insider, however, noted that Portman was uncertain whether the relationship could be restored in the wake of the scandal. Presently, the two are engaged in discussions and collaborative efforts, motivated by their children’s well-being. Benjamin Millepied reportedly expresses remorse for his actions.

The couple initially met in 2009 while working on the film “Black Swan,” directed by Darren Aronofsky and released in 2010. Portman referred to the experience as a dreamlike state, mentioning how Millepied, who was teaching her dance, became an integral part of her life. They subsequently worked together on the film “Vox Lux” in 2018, with Millepied contributing his choreography expertise to Portman’s role as a pop star named Celeste.

Benjamin Millepied, a professional ballet dancer, discussed their collaborative dynamic, highlighting their shared communication regarding their respective artistic endeavours. Despite their differing ambitions and interests, they continue to engage in open dialogue, supporting one another’s creative pursuits.

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