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“The gadgets for the summer: Jump into Tech with Tech Expert, Mark Trowbridge.


Tech Gadgets for the Summer House Party

As we move into Summer Party season your house, and everything in it should reflect your success and leave people talking about the best social gathering of the summer. 

Once the wine, whiskey and cocktails are consumed, your guests will certainly roam around your house to check your tech. With top-of-the-line gadgets in each room, you will be a trendsetter and your guests will leave enviously wishing to own the best tech for the summer.

Television for the lounge.

The television is always a centrepiece of a party, especially when the 1st Ashes test is later this month, or England playing Rugby throughout August. Imagine watching the game on an LG’s 325-inch LED Extreme Home Cinema Display television.  It will be better than being at the match. 

The LG Direct View with its 8k resolution delivers show-stopping performance on the big screen and can only be bought on special order through the official website. With prices ranging up to $70,000 your home cinema will be the envy of your guests.

Music for the garden.

No party would be complete without music playing, and ladies singing and dancing in the garden. Why would you want to listen to music through a small speaker with the Bang & Olufsen Beolab 28 Adaptive Wireless Speaker that can connect to any source including your Spotify summer remix downloads.  This 55-inch-tall speaker can be floor-standing or attach to the wall for an elegant look. 

Streaming music from any source and connected to any Bluetooth device, you can be the DJ or pass the party around your girlfriends to listen to studio-grade sound quality from a speaker that makes you feel the music.

The controls on the speaker can also direct the sound and minimise distortion, keeping the neighbours happy whilst you enjoy your garden party.

Hanging Lamps for the Dining Room.

As the evening draws in, your guests will move to the dining room for cocktails and conversation where they will look up at your ceiling in awe at the Kenneth Cobonpue Hanging Lamp.  Designed whimsically, in the shape of summer clouds, this hanging lamp gives unique, bespoke lighting to the space and offers a totally unique design element as they can be reshaped by hand.  

The clouds are made from thin cotton fibre so they look like they are floating above the dining table offering subtle lighting to the party-goers below. An authentic touch of bringing outside in.

Coffee for the Kitchen. 

Your guests need a coffee before they leave for the evening, and there is no coffee machine better than the De’Longhi Dinamica Plus. Starting at just £800 it is a bargain for coffee aficionados and to help guests sober up before having their drivers take them home.

This amazing machine can do it all, from grinding to brewing and making an espresso with the perfect balance of beans. The adjustable grinder works by simply turning a dial, and grinding your choice of beans to the perfect size. It heats up in just 3 seconds, so you do not have long to wait between brews, especially if your guests need a quick caffeine fix before heading home.

Home Gym for the Moring After

As your guests are leaving you can guide them past your home gym where you will burn the calories from the night before and start the next day refreshed and ready to go. 

With your Ciclotte Bike and your Sprintbok Treadmill, your gym has purpose and style. 

The Sprintbok’s flexible slats and precision ball bearings ensure minimum strain on joints and smooth transitions from walking to running. Since it requires zero electricity it is powered by you, so you can have a leisurely walk listening to music or speed up to a light jog. You don’t want to do a sprint with a hangover now, do you?

The Ciclotte bike, designed by the fashionable Italians is made from ultra-light carbon fibre. The resistance is generated by the sophisticated electromagnetic system which can be remotely controlled by Bluetooth. This bike has won several awards for design and is a popular bike on the super-yachts of the Mediterranean. A great place to feel better for the morning after the best house party of the summer season.

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