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McLaren GT3 EVO Shines with Podium Potential at Spa-Francorchamps


In an exhilarating showcase of speed and skill, the McLaren GT3 EVO soared to the forefront during the Six Hours of Spa FIA World Endurance Championship race on May 11. Led by the dynamic performance of car number 59, masterfully handled by the team at United Autosports, McLaren showcased its prowess by dominating the LMGT3 class for a significant portion of the event.

McLaren GT3 EVO

Throughout the weekend, both GT3 EVO McLaren cars commanded attention, setting the pace during the Free Practice sessions. The anticipation built as they secured spots in the Hyperpole top ten shootout for qualifying. While Josh Caygill initially secured a stellar second place for car number 95 and James Cottingham claimed fifth for car number 59, a minor setback saw car 95 relegated to the rear due to a slight weight discrepancy, allowing car 59 to claim a solid fourth position on the grid.

McLaren GT3 EVO

Cottingham’s adept driving propelled car 59 into a commanding position early on, swiftly advancing through the ranks to second in class. Thanks to seamless pit work by the United Autosports crew, both cars strategically surged ahead during pit stops. With Nicholas Costa now behind the wheel, car 59 emerged as the leader of the LMGT3 class, setting the stage for a thrilling battle for victory.

While car 95, piloted by Caygill and later Nico Pinto, showcased remarkable progress, an unfortunate gearbox issue halted its charge during the third hour of the race, marking a poignant turn of events.

Meanwhile, Costa engaged in a gripping duel for the lead, captivating the crowds at Spa-Francorchamps. With Grégoire Saucy taking over for the final stint and reclaiming the lead, hopes soared for McLaren’s first WEC triumph. However, a major accident necessitated a race stoppage, disrupting the momentum.

Despite the interruption, Saucy valiantly defended the lead upon the race’s resumption, ultimately crossing the finish line in fifth position. However, a post-race penalty incurred by a competitor promoted car 59 to a well-deserved fourth place.

Reflecting on the race, Richard Dean, CEO of United Autosports, commended the drivers’ exceptional performance and expressed confidence in the team’s potential for future success. Mick McDonagh, Director of MSO Motorsport at McLaren Automotive, echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the relentless pursuit of excellence and the promising trajectory of McLaren’s racing endeavors.

As McLaren prepares to make its triumphant return to Le Mans, the stage is set for further triumphs, fueled by the unmatched speed of the GT3 EVO, the skill of its drivers, and the unwavering commitment of its partners at United Autosports. Victory beckons, and McLaren stands poised to seize it.

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