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In the finest bespoke gem-set jewellery creations and rare gemstones. South African in its roots and based in the United Kingdom since 2003, Tivon is known for its passion for colour combined with old European tastes and design. Only the finest gemstones are selected for its creations, with each gem being carefully selected, precision-cut and faceted for maximum beauty and brilliance. With both classical as well as avante-garde designs, TIVON focuses on the bespoke, the exclusive and the rare. With many creations being one-of-a-kind or in limited editions, their aim is simple – to bring their customers’ dreams to life in gem form

While Tivon’s passion for colour has always been at its forefront of their designs, what is interesting to note is that it seems the rest of the world is now catching on too.

While diamonds have historically been billed as a “girl’s best friend” and are certainly still at the forefront of jewellery consumption, coloured gemstones have come racing forward in terms of popularity. One only has to look at the biggest auction houses and the biggest brands to see that coloured gemstones are now at the top of consumer’s luxury shopping lists.

Why? The main reason is people have realised that in many cases the rarity factor of coloured gemstones cannot be surpassed. With certain gems being far rarer than diamonds and fetching prices which exceed those of diamonds in many cases, the combination of vivid colours, extreme rarity and an incredible store of value seems irresistible to HNW (high net worth) consumers. Plus, the ability to accessorise without looking overly ostentatious is also an attraction for those that wish to celebrate but not flaunt their wealth.

However, the one factor that seems as important as ever to HNW consumers is to consume the exceptional. While usually being accompanied by higher-ticket prices, consumers will not be stopped when it comes to collecting the earth’s finest treasures.

Tivon Fine Jewellery is known for producing the exceptional and one only has to look at the jewellery in the flesh to appreciate just how exquisite their creations are.

The company came from humble beginnings. A family business through and through, started by Israel Tivon and then taken over by his son Ariel Tivon, in 1963 the Tivon family began a journey of what would become a lifelong passion for fine gems and jewellery.

Brought into the trade by a cousin, a diamond merchant working for one of the world’s most powerful diamond traders, Israel Tivon was taught the fine art and very arduous skill of cutting diamonds. After many years of successfully honing his skill, Israel began developing his passion for fine jewellery. He began trading with South African retailers and after falling in love with the beauty of South Africa, he made the decision to make South Africa his new home and base of operations in 1976.

The company first specialised in bespoke and unique hand-crafted fine silverware, silver and gold jewellery. Then, using his experience in diamonds, Israel began steering the business towards his passion – fine crafted unique gold jewellery set with an array of diamonds and gemstones.

In 2003 the next generation permanently entered the scene for what would become a watershed move for Tivon. Ariel Tivon, Israel’s youngest son, decided to join the business and expand it to the United Kingdom. The goal was precise and simple: take Tivon’s passion for gemstones and elevate it by producing the finest gemstone jewellery for an international audience.

In 2011, Tivon was honoured by being chosen as one of very few official partners to HM The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations in partnership with the Army & Navy Club’s 175th Anniversary. In order to highlight the relationship between royalty, excellence and global prestige, only organisations that had a direct complimentary association were selected to partner with this campaign. Tivon was able to present some of its finest creations at a special gala event held at the Army & Navy Club in Pall Mall, London.

Jewellery is not just a commodity or trivial adornment. It is an inspired feeling and a show of appreciation and love. Here, we showcase some of the loveliest gems and designs you would wish to be gifted by someone special or, indeed, to treat yourself with just because, or in recognition of a life’s goal.

Then, a decade ago in 2013, Tivon’s 50th Golden Anniversary in business, the company became a permanent feature in the UK. Supplying some of the most prestigious retailers and private collectors in the country, it began turning its attention to an even more international platform.

Gracing the red carpet with celebrities at several award shows, such as the Golden Globes and EMA’s, as well as being featured in some of America’s finest magazines, Tivon began building a client base in the United States and Asia. Tivon Fine Jewellery was honoured by being selected as the first ever British member to the prestigious American Gem Society, a society recognising excellence in quality, high standards and high ethics.

When the company reached its 55th year in business in 2018, it marked this momentous milestone with special commemorative creations including our Rose Petal collection, a collection which made use of natural unheated vivid pink Morganites from Madagascar.

With a commitment to never waiver from its passion for gemstones, a dedication to high standards, and the search for the superlatively rare, plus the obsession for creating the spectacular Tivon simply embodies the values of luxury, quality and rarity.

Unless otherwise stated, Tivon Fine Jewellery uses 18ct Gold and Platinum (950) in its jewellery. The company’s fine gold jewellery is 18 carat. Simply put, 18 out of 24 or 750 parts out of a 1,000 are gold, while 250 parts are alloy. Hence the hallmark for 18ct gold is 18k or 750.

Tivon Fine Jewellery have committed to abide by the Kimberley process and the official certification methods associated with it. All the diamonds in Tivon creations have been purchased from legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict and in compliance with United Nations resolutions. Tivon’s diamonds are conflict-free, their purchase based on personal knowledge and/or written guarantees provided by the supplier of the company’s diamonds. Tivon Fine Jewellery is committed to giving back and donates to various charities.

Treat the queen in your life or yourself to exquisite Tivon jewellery to wear for that special anniversary; on the red carpet; a wedding; a significant family celebration; a high-society function; an invitation to a Buckingham Palace garden party; on attending the Palace to receive an honour; and, of course, to your seat in the Abbey to help commemorate the Coronation!

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