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 Has the energy been feeling weird lately? This month’s Astrology Edition may be able to answer why that might be


Moving into May, we were met with a bunch of new and transformative energy. Taurus, alongside the other Fixed signs – Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius – have been going through the trials and tribulations of astrology. Major new beginnings and endings have recently taken place throughout these signs and it seems like all hope is lost.

Fortunately, things are about to progress forward with these signs. As for the Mutable signs – Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces – Saturn is currently transiting the foundational angular houses and will be for the next three years. The Cardinal signs – Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn – will soon have fated events happening as the lunar nodes will retrograde into Aries and Libra in July. Until then, the cardinal signs are enjoying their well-needed astrological break. Now, let’s take a look at the recent astrological events.

On April 20th, there was a New Moon Solar Eclipse that took place at 29° Aries; bringing massive new beginnings and shake-ups to self, our identity, independence, our life direction, awareness, and self-nourishment. The Solar Eclipse happened at a critical degree, a degree of significant importance. This meant, whichever life area Aries rules over, needed extra special attention during the event.

On the same day, after four hours, the Sun entered the calm, grounding energy of Taurus; shifting our focus to self-worth and value, material security and possession, natural talents, and the immediate family. During this time, patience was required in the designated life area ruled by Taurus. Taurus also focuses on patience as it requires time to build something long lasting.

A day later, on April 21st, Mercury stationed retrograde at 15° Taurus; asking us to revise and reevaluate our self-worth and value, material security and possession, natural talents, and communication pertaining to the immediate family.

Mercury retrograde is no stranger to inconveniencing our daily operations, mundane responsibilities, and communication. When happening in the sign of Taurus, our patience will definitely be tested. On the other hand, Mercury Retrograde in Taurus can be valuable if there were past plans to establish multiple sources of income. This time was great and pivotal to revisit any plans or ideas that didn’t progress forward before the retrograde. Of course, this energy manifests differently depending on your rising sign. This Mercury Retrograde period lasted for about three weeks and stationed direct on May 14th at 5° Taurus.

In May, on the 1st; Pluto stationed retrograde at 0°, in the quirky and unconventional sign of Aquarius, ending the first taste of what the next 20 years will look like. It is important to note that Pluto will be digressing back into the structured and successful sign of Capricorn, and will stay in Capricorn until 2024.

May 5th brought us a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 14°, in the transformative and intense sign of Scorpio. This brought deep reflection and introspection to our healing journey as well as a major illumination of any emotional cycles that need our attention. When anything transits Scorpio, it is recommended that we prioritize letting go and establishing a healthy level of detachment as it is pivotal for aligning with our dharmic paths, the paths we are essentially meant to take in life.

On May 7th, Venus shifted from the inquisitive and witty sign of Gemini to the nurturing and motherly sign of Cancer. During this transit we may value our home and family, processing feelings and emotions, listening to intuitive nudges, and channelling our authentic nature. The urge to build a foundation and security may grow during this transit. This is also an energy where others can help others to establish roots.

This transit will be effective until June 5th, where Venus ingresses into Leo. May 16th made way for the ingression of Jupiter in Taurus. This ingression brought an expansive and jovial energy to our material security, self-worth and value, our natural talents, and our immediate family. This is also an interesting Jupiter transit as Jupiter will not retrograde back into Aries for the rest of the year. This means, Jupiter will be in Taurus until 2024.

May 19th brought new emotional cycles and introspection to our self-worth and value, material security and possession, natural talents, and immediate family; as the New Moon happened at 28° Taurus. Shortly after, on the 20th, Mars shifted from the sensitive and emotional sign of Cancer to the expressive and vital sign of Leo. This ingression brings energy and drive to establishing confidence, shining our light, and enjoying life through recreation and entertainment.

Mars in Leo can also bring frustration if impulsivity and spontaneity is involved in the mix. Lastly, on the 21st, the Sun entered the inquisitive and witty sign of Gemini. This ingression shifts our focus to our immediate environment, siblings, cousins, communication, skill development, our mind and thoughts, and mundane knowledge.

Moving into June, here’s what we can expect to happen astrologically. On the 3rd, the Full Moon will be taking place at 13° in the open minded and jovial sign of Sagittarius. This Full Moon will illuminate what our meaning of life may be, our beliefs and philosophy, and how we can expand further in this life. On the 5th Venus will ingress into Leo bringing harmony, balance, love, and union, to expression, confidence, recreation, romance, and children. This transit will be great for enjoying life and embarking on new adventures. Entrepreneurship will also be highly favoured and valued during this transit.

On June 11th, Pluto retrogrades back into Capricorn until 2024; finishing the transformation needed in government, big business and corporations, career, status, legacy, and life’s work. On the same day, Mercury enters its own sign of Gemini; bringing development to communication, mundane knowledge, and our mental being. It is important to watch out for sharing misinformation and/or gossip during this transit.

Lastly, on the 17th, Saturn will station retrograde in the mysterious and spiritual sign of Pisces. Saturn Retrograde is asking us to re-evaluate and revisit lessons that we have learned in the past for mastery. During this time, we may feel free as obstacles will be cleared and limitations will be minimal. It is important to remember that we are being tested during this period.

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